Digital nails 1 - 3 ways to enjoy digital nails

3 ways to enjoy digital nails

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Little geek version

Kristina Ortega & Jenny Rodenhouse from Design Media Practices Art center imagine connected nails capable of igniting in the touch, vibrating, getting distance of another electric object or feeling certain fingers movement.

During their prototype development they imagined use scenarios around the memory, of haptic or biological return and their influence on the behavior. In the project movie we can see the hand vibrating when it approaches chisel, or LED on nails ignite when fingers tap a surface …

Digital nails

The main project idea is to propose a customizable nail bar service, going from manicurist to user design, therapists to electronics engineers, allowing each ” to increase its physical integrity “.

No more need electronic cigarette, we can thus imagine in a few months electric mini-electric discharges coming from your nails to propagate at the approach of any substance made by nicotine!

Drugs addicts (even of sugar!) dive you into the idea here, that is worth seeing!


Practical version


In the same utility purpose, but seen in a different way, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao and Artem Dementyev from MIT developed NailO, kind of small tactile pavement in sticker form, which you arrange on your inch nail & recognize some movements to control, via bluetooth, any electronic object.


Fashionista version

Prestigious international competition Make it wearable winner, sponsored by Intel – which supports portable technological devices evolution-, Gin Lee, Taiwanese student, imagined an application of nail art connected to false intelligent nails.

Real interconnected screens in adhesive capsules shape, they allow to download motives crowd which we pay via the application Bloom Your Fingers.

Furthermore, they possess a battery endowed of 24 hours autonomy. “The users can also draw their own motives, to download them, and even to sell them via the application” adds the project creator.

A technological exploit which is not marketed yet… expensive fashionistas you have to be first to put the hand on these nails!

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